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Austrian thermal bibs. Attached 1 5/8" wide adjustable suspenders. 4-button leg with cinch-adjustable closure. Elastic leg cuffs with buttons fit over your boots to lock out cold drafts. Two 6 7/8 x 8" patch cargo pockets. Two button-slash access panels let you access your pant pockets underneath. 5-button fly. Thick construction. Made in Austria.

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 Awesome British Parkas!

Brand new British Windproof SAS Parka. This material feels virtually indestructible. 4 large front pockets, 2 gun pockets, wire framed hood, zip and velcro front, velcro cuffs and drawstring at the bottom.

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Item No: 535

This sturdy Austrian sleeping bag (or sniper bag) has two zipper openings on the sides for your arms. This was intended originally for soldiers to be able to wake up and quickly use their arms if they needed to grab their gun in haste. This bag is great for a cold game day out in the stadium or sitting up in a tree stand on the hunt. Throw it on when you're watching a movie at home, it's cozy like a snuggie! I'm 6"2 and 300lbs and this bag fits me perfectly. It's a great intermediate three-season bag good to about thirty degrees Fahrenheit. Also the zippers on these bags are monsters, they're virtually indestructible. I've never seen a bigger more sturdy zipper. Unusual, unique, and solid this Austrian sleeping bag has many uses and won't ever let you down.

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2 Product Feedback(s)

  • Jedediah the Gyrocaptain

    Tuesday, 25 September 2012 at 10:22 pm

    Awesome sleeping bag! Never would I have thought I'd find such a great sleeping bag for less than $20, but Swisslink did it!

    A few points about the Sleeping bag:

    * It is Austrian Army suplus,which is great, as the Austrians have always outfitted their guys with high quality gear. This bag is no different!

    * The outer fabric is a tightly woven nylon, which will shed water easily, and won't have added weight through water absorption. The inner layer is a smooth cotton.

    * It is a mummy style, in that your head is also enclosed. You lose less heat that way. There are two straps sewn to the foot of the bag, to use as compression straps when you roll the bag up.

    * The sides zip down to let your arms out. I guess this was originally to allow Austrian soldiers to sit in their sleeping bags while on guard duty. But it works equally well for camping, as you can still sit in you bag while you make the morning's first cup of coffee.

    * Quality is excellent--theYKK zippers were still strong and intact, and the stitching was tight. There were no stress points from overuse that may result in the bag failing.

    * My bag was manufactured in 1985, but had I not read the tag I wouldn't have known it. With the exception of a few small repairs (all smaller than a dime), the bag might as well be brand new.

  • T Sigman

    Tuesday, 04 September 2012 at 6:38 pm

    This is an awesome sleeping bag ---still in great condition ----no stains or tears-- ( I have 3 now ) they are truly well built and you will not find this quality in any outdoor store around---Thank you again Swiss-Link

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