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Original Swiss military black rubberized water bag holds five gallons of water that easily dispenses using the plastic spigot. The rope handles allow you to hang the bag or carry the bag. These bags can be filled and frozen to provide fresh cold water for emergencies, camping, or other outdoor activities. Bag measures 24x18". Brand new condition.

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For instant protection as on-site barrier walls simply submerge the StormBag in water - bag will expand from 16 oz. to 33 lbs. in 3 to 5 minutes. The StormBag requires minimal storage space and is a light, compact, easy to carry and deploy alternative to traditional sandbags. When an emergency strikes, timing is everything. StormBag is a quick, easy, and cost effective product in an emergency situation because with StormBag "ALL YOU DO IS ADD WATER". Measures 23" x 13".

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Dutch Canteen Set
Item No: 1899
Dutch Army used canteen is either Olive Drab or Black plastic with screw- on cap. Approx. 1-qt. capacity. Insulated camo cover to keep it cold. Has snap flap to hold the Canteen, and A.L.I.C.E. clips on the back to attach to a pistol belt. Metal cup with "butterfly" wire handle. Approx. 5" across, 4"high.
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  • Jedediah the Gyrocaptain

    Tuesday, 25 September 2012 at 10:55 pm

    This Dutch canteen is the official issue of the Netherlands Army. I had been searching the internet for it, but could not find the set for under $20; most did not have the cup included. Swisslink has the entire set for the best price anywhere; only $15. I heartily recommend this canteen set for inclusion in a get-home bag or for camping/hiking.

    A few points on the Netherlands Army issue canteen:

    * The canteen is unissued, and roughly follows the form of the US issue canteen. The difference is that this one is a forest green instead of OD, and of course the "Don't place in fire" warning is in Dutch. It is also slightly smaller--it holds 3 3/4 cups of water, while the US issue 1-liter canteen holds just over 4 cups. My canteen was dated 1992, but had not been issued.

    * The cover is thick nylon, colored in the British-produced DPM camouflage--its a cool pattern, that looks almost like brush strokes. It will fit the US canteen without the cup, or the Dutch canteen with the cup.

    * The set from Swisslink includes two metal clips for attaching the cover to your belt; a lot of companies take them off & charge you extra for them.

    * And finally, the cup. I love the Dutch canteen cup, as it is far sturdier than the cup I was issued in the US Army. It is made from sturdy stainless steel, with two butterfly handles. The handles dissipate the heat of hot liquid, so you can drink coffee from it without burning your hands. The handles also fold flat so the cup can be nested with the canteen and put in the case. You can boil water in the cup, or cook in it--this is the most versatile piece of military gear ever invented. I can't imagine going hiking/camping without it.

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