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Brand new, heavy duty plastic water cans. Made in Australia for the Military. They are BPA free, food grade, and UV stabilized for extended outdoor use. Opaque resin inhibits bacterial growth. Textured non-slip surface for grip. Breather for No-Glug pouring. Ideal for storage of drinking water. Holds 5 gallons or 22 liters. Available in Blue, Black, and OD Green.

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Italian Navy issue pocket knife. Used in good condition. "Rabbit's foot" blade, and marlin spike for undoing any kind of knot in a rope. Great little pocket knife!

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Yugoslavian Mess Kit with KFS Used
Item No: 2612

This has been an amazing find for us, a truly unique military issue surplus item. This is a Yugoslavian mess kit, and it happens to be the most complete mess kit we have ever come across. It not only includes a complete KFS set with a can opener and bottle opener, it comes with four containers: a cooking pot, serving dish, cup and canteen. Amazingly, it all fits compactly in a canvas pouch hardly any bigger than the canteen itself! The pouch has two belt loops so it can be attached easily to your belt or backpack. They are used but very good condition. Perfect for backpacking, it weighs only 1.85 Lbs.

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2 Product Feedback(s)

  • Douglas Morgan

    Thursday, 17 October 2013 at 12:25 pm

    "Here's another nice mess [kit] you've gotten me into!" ~ Oliver Hardy

    I've enjoyed using this mess kit. The advantages: (1) The perfect in size, utility, and storage, (4) the two plastic containers stow well and augment my metal mess kit), and (5) the real star of the show, the cooking pot; it's enamel coated, which means it distributes heat VERY evenly. And I think it's bullet-proof (but don't try it).

    My kit arrived in good condition, although the KFS set required some cleaning.

    I use it on all my camping and hiking trips. But I also use it at home, experimenting with its capabilities. For soups and stews, it simply cannot be beat; and for baking bread, it makes a SUPERB oven (line the pot with aluminum foil half-way down from the top, drop in your bread dough or cornbread batter, cover with aluminum foil, put it on coals or a small camp stove, and in twenty minutes or so you have fresh bread). Its outstanding performance in those areas is due to its enamel coating. About the only thing I can't do well with it is frying, but it's no problem - fried foods are bad for you.

    It's a solid and versatile piece of gear. I HIGHLY recommend it.

  • Jedediah the Gyrocaptain

    Tuesday, 25 September 2012 at 10:38 pm

    I recently received the Yugoslavian mess kit, and I have to say it is fantastic! If you are interested in historic army mess kits, or are looking for a camping kit, this is one of the best.

    A few points about the Yugoslavian mess kit:

    * First, the price. I looked all over the internet for this mess kit, and Swisslink has the best prices around. They beat the next cheapest competitor by five dollars.

    * These kits are brand new, and unissued. Mine did not even have storage wear.

    * This is a great kit for a get-home bag, or for people who like to camp light. The Yugoslavian kit has the benefit that you can remove the pieces you don't want in order to suit your needs. One way I've used the kit is by removing the canteen, and using the pot & dish as a crush proof container for food.

    * This kit is sturdy! The base is made from green enameled aluminum. The base serves as a cooking pot, and is thick enough that you cannot bend it with your hands, yet is study enough to stand up to wartime conditions.

    * The next three pieces are the bowl, cup and canteen. All three are made of plastic; like the bse/cooking pot, they are built for campaign. Interestingly, the canteen and bowl have a melt warning embossed in Slavic (I believe). The cup has the same warning, but in English.

    * The cutlery set is composed of a knife, fork and spoon which all nest together. Made of stainless steel, they are very light. The knife even has a can opener. When locked together, they do not make any noise, which I suppose is good if you are fighting in Kosovo or Croatia.

    * The whole set can be stored in an olive green canvas cover, which has a special pocket for the knife-fork-spoon. The cover can be carried on your belt, so it is always available.

    * I have hiked/camped with probably a half-dozen different types of mess kits, ranging from the old standard German mess kit to Arctic mess kits to the two-piece Canadian kit. But this kit is the most complete that I've ever seen, and well worth the $16 I paid for it...I might buy another just to get another knife-fork-spoon kit.

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